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Saru Zincover

The range of ZINCOVER products contain fluxes which serve two purposes of protecting and cleansing during melting and for recovery of Zinc from drosses.

Protecting Fluxes
Zinc is a metal which is very prone to oxidation, resulting in a high incidence of Zinc oxide inclusions and significant losses of metal in the dross. Use of ZINCOVER STD ensures oxidation to a minimum, and that non-metallic inclusions coalesce and float from the metal.

Drossing off flux
Under normal circumstances the dross from a melt of Zinc or Zinc base Alloy has a high metal content and benefit is obtained from reducing the residues and returning the metal to the melt in a single process in the melting unit. This is achieved by adding ZINCOVER-85 to the dross which produces an exothermic reaction and reacts with Zinc oxide dross releasing Zinc metal.

Product Application
For Covering
Sufficient ZINCOVER STD approx. 0.5% by weight is added during early stages of melting to form a cover. When charge is completely molten add another 0.5% and rabble the melt well. Melt is allowed to settle.

For Recovery of Drosses
For maximum efficiency the dross should be allowed to cool and blacken overall so that all flame has died out. When the melt temperature is around 480 C ZINCOVER-85 is added progressively until a powder residue is obtained on rabbling further. Quantity of ZINCOVER-85 depends upon the quantity of dross treated.

ZINCOVER compounds are hygroscoplic in nature. Containers should be kept securely closed when products are not in use.

Standard Packing : 20 kg HDPE jars.

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Saru Z-21

Saru Z-21 is a revolutionary flux and has been especially formulated to reduce physically entrapped zinc and zinc oxide formation substantially in hot Dip galvanizing process. “SAZU” Z-21 flux melts at 194 'C (300'F) coats the liquid and then combines with the oxide particles assuring rapid reaction. Fumes and objectional smoke are minimized and the surface of the metal is protected from oxidation.

How Does 'Saru' Z-21 Function
As soon as 'SARU' Z-21 flux is added in the bath it gives a molten foamy layer cover on the whole bath thereby protecting the molten metal from atmospheric-oxygen, reduces formation of zinc ash to as low as 6-10% of every day consumption in comparison to 12 to 16% with the conventional method being followed.

A comparative study is given below between conventional process and with SARU Z-21 flux process.

Bath Method Zinc consumption Wt. of ash % loss on
capacity employed every day collected every day zinc consumed
60 tonnes conventional 6 tonnes 960 kgs. 16%
60 tonnes 'SARU' 6 tonnes 480 kgs. 8.00%
Z-21 'FLUX'

'SARU' Z-21 (Wonder Flux)
This is a smokeless Galvanising Flux and is almost twice as efficient as regular Z-21 reducing Zinc Ash formation to as low as 3-5%.

Advantages of Saru Z-21 Flux
  • Reduces formation of zinc oxide and physically entrapped zinc from 12-16% to 6-8% on total zinc consumption every day.
  • Helps in giving uniform zinc coating on the galvanizing objects.
  • Reduces zinc dust.
  • Brighter piper, tubes.
  • Very convenient to use.

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Saru Diecoat

Turbocast 9050 NS is a high performance, economical, water soluble release agent that is formulated for aluminum castings with a new “breed” of synthetic polymers, emulsifiers and water soluble additives. The product is blended into an economical, high performance release agent to produce clean, bright castings. Turbocast 9050 NS can also be used with zinc and magnesium.

  • Excellent release
  • Paintable and plateable
  • Enhanced metal flow
  • No staining or smoking
  • Low buildup
  • Consistent quality
  • Highest dilution ratios
  • Excellent wetting ability

Method of Use
Dilution ratios of highly concentrated Turbocast 9050 NS should start at 40:1. Dilutions of over 100:1 (depending on the application) are common. Turbocast 9050 is compatible with automatic spray systems.

  • pH of Concentrate: 8.8
  • Specific Gravity: 0.97
  • Flash Point: > 212° F
  • Test Method: Colorimeter
  • Appearance: Off-white liquid
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Odor: Mild
  • Density: 8.09 lb/gal

Avoid eye contact with concentrate. Slippery conditions exist when spilled.

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